Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Clean Code : Learning to code better

As I am preparing for technical interviews, I often puzzle over the importance of learning about coding best practices/patterns. With just a few years of professional programming experience, I guess I find it a bit hard to understand what an interviewer's expectations are, in this area. All that said, I realized it would not hurt to start learning these topics irrespective of interview preparation.

I was recommended this book Robert Martin’s Clean Code by one of my graduate school professors. The book promises to be an engaging reading experience. As I work my way through it, I will make notes, capture my impressions in the form of blog articles. In a way, writing about things that I am learning new helps me maintain focus because I feel compelled to understand concepts thoroughly and present them in an easy to follow format.

P.S. This series of blog articles will continue along with my reading of Effective Java.

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